SDCC Artwork & Signing at BeefyCo Booth5646

Wooper _2

I’m excited to be returning to San Diego Comic Con this month, July 23-27. I’ve been working on some new painted pieces I’ll be bringing with me, and showing at my Saturday 11am-12noon Signing at Beefy & Co Booth 5646.

I will have art prints, toys, and be drawing and signing from 11am-12noon. I’ll have 5×7″ Gift prints, “Apple Picking”, available to the first 25 visitors.


New Prints


deer print mockup

I will have a variety of art prints available at Beefy & Co, printed on quality 300GSM Moab Entrada and Breathing Color paper with archival inks.

Wooper _1

I will have this hand painted Gary Ham Wooper Looper vinyl piece, “Rainbow Riverways” at Beefy & Co Booth 5646. The one-of piece will be available for $250.

If you have any questions, or would like to get in touch, please drop a line to Be seeing you at Comic Con!

One of One Exhibition Installed

oneofone_ (21)


KMNDZ’s One of One Exhibition at Da Center for the Arts kicked off with a fantastic opening night, with many artists and fans in attendance. Huge wall murals were painted and contributed to by KMNDZ, Aaron “Woes” Martin, N.C. Winters, Rick Obrien, Codak Smith, Ekundayo, April Elliot, Mike Mendez and more.

Photos courtesy of Rocky Wong and Paris Woodward.

oneofone_ (4)

oneofone_ (2)

April Elliott contributed a 4″ Hand Painted Munny, and our 8″ Collaboratively painted Dunny to the show.

Tasha Apil Installation one of one

I contributed a hand-painted Camilla d’Errico Vinyl Kuro titled “Thoughts of Ascension”, with a complimentary 11×14″ canvas piece “My Longest Repose”.

Tasha Installation one of one1




Camilla d’Errico Vinyl Kuro is one of my favourite designer toy platforms. I’m close to the original character, having followed the comic/graphic novel for a number of years, and appreciating his conceptual roots as a representation of the Faustian devil. As a toy platform, I love that Kuro is irregularly shaped, somewhat abstracted, with oblong lobes on his head. The artist & sculptor’s didn’t take the easy way out, making the toy perfectly symmetrical. He stands with his head cocked slightly, partly turned. He’s a very animated platform, imbued with a lot of character.


I was inspired by a photo shown to me by a colleague, of a deer carcass with the head intact and the spine and ribs exposed. The juxtaposition of the two was very striking; the face looked peaceful, and the rest of the body was a site of violence. It was beautiful and horrifying at the same time, and with permission, I took it in my own direction. The process was a snapshot of the food chain in motion; the deer died so that something else could live, and its remains would nurture the forest floor, and become food for another prey animal later. I wanted to compose that cycle as a visual narrative in the toy and canvas piece: The body becoming the nutriment from which the undergrowth would grow.

Both pieces are at Da Center for the Arts, if you have original inquiries you can contact them here.

KMNDZ Presents One of One Exhibition


I’m thrilled and flattered to be contributing to KMNDZ’s upcoming 1 Of 1 Exhibition – The World’s Greatest Custom Toy Show! Opening June 14 at the DA Center For The Arts, who are also celebrating their 30th anniversary.

It’s a distinctive honour to exhibit alongside creative individuals whom I have so much respect for. The show features works from (Thanks SpankyStokes for the typed list) ;

 64 Colors, Alice Yeh, April Elliott, Attaboy, Axis, AX2, BLAMO, Bob Dob, Bryn Perrott, Camille Rose Garcia, Catcult, cikcuk, Codak, Defer, devNgosha, DrilOne, Ekundayo, Elizabeth McGrath, Erik Siador, Fr. Bill Moore SS. CC., Gabbie Custom Art, Germs, Graham Curran, Gris Grimly, Jill Ricci, Joe Scarano, Jophen Stein, Juan Thorp, Kingsley, KMNDZ, Leecifer, Marco Zamora, Mari Inukai, Max Kauffman, Mike Maxwell, Miss Mindy, N.C. Winters, PARIS, Phidias Gold, Rick O’Brien, Rusty Jordan, SpankyStokes, Super Cooper Berella, TAG, Tasha Zimich, Terror Visual 1984, The French Fury, Tom Pathe, Urban Medium, and Yoskay Yamamoto

I’ve completed a painted 6″ Camilla d’Errico Vinyl Kuro as well as a complimentary 2D Canvas piece.


My vinyl Kuro, “Thoughts of Ascension”, is painted with acrylics and incorporates imagery from the 2D painting, “Disinclined to Dream”. For these pieces I wanted to communicate both beauty and grotesque imagery. To be both dreamy and graphic, and vibrant & dark.


“Disinclined To Dream” is being scanned, and will have an image ready to share very soon. Both pieces will be available separately at DA Center For The Arts, June 14. For exhibition details, and info about upcoming preview lists, check out their Facebook Page Here and join the Event here.

Mariposa De Los Muertos Androids on Vinyl Riot


The skillful and sweet April “MaloApril” Elliott and I are pleased to share our Mariposa De Los Muertos custom Android series, coming May 22nd to Vinyl Riot.

Each of us has created 6 hand-painted Android pieces for Blindbox release. These Androids drop on May 22nd, 3PM EST through Vinyl Riot here.

April's 6 beautiful Android girls.

April’s 6 beautiful Android girls.

“Mariposa” is Spanish for Butterfly, where both of us incorporated some creative impressions. April’s sculpted components include metal butterfly wings, and hand-painted tiny butterflies in alternating Pink and Blue colorations are found on my androids. If you aren’t following April’s work yet, check out her Facebook and Instagram @maloapril


Dia De Los Muertos is a theme April incorporates into her work, though it was a new experience for me. Being based out of Canada, our Spanish cultural exposure is much less than other parts of North America, and I was prompted to do some research.

The Day of The Dead is a celebration, but I couldn’t help feeling sad as well, as it’s an acknowledgement of the passing of family and ancestors. There must be some feelings of loss. So my colour palettes for my pieces reflect my thoughts on Celebration (Vibrant), Rememberance (Browns & Sepia used) and grief (greyed out colours).



One fortunate collector for our Mariposa De Los Muertos androids will be doing some extra celebrating, as I’m contributing a 6×6″ Wood panel original painting as a golden ticket bonus gift. This painting will be included in 1 random order.



1 order will receive the original painting, but I’m also making special limited edition prints of the painting, featuring the facial design from the Androids, available alongside the Android series. This edition of 15 prints are signed & numbered, printed on 6×6″ 300GSM Entrada rag paper with archival inks, with fitted backings and sleeves. They’re $14.99ea.


Keep an eye on Vinyl Riot for the release May 22nd, 3PM EST

New Android Collab In The Works



It was only a matter of time before April Elliott and I put our heads together on another collaborative project. We’re pleased to share that we’re working on a series of Android Minis, releasing through Vinylriot.

Our Androids share a theme geared towards Day Of the Dead, and both also incorporate Butterfly imagery.

Day of the Dead is a new conceptual theme for me- while April is a seasoned pro with years of experience articulating the imagery and cultural themes. She shared some of her thoughts on it with me, and I was prompted to do some of my own research too.


I composed colour palettes that had a relationship to some of the emotional affects I felt, reading about Dia De Los Muertos; like the sobering affect of grief, the detatchment that the concept of ancestry can bring, and the present-ness of feelings of celebration.

April and I are finishing out pieces, and some of the extra release projects going on; such as an original painting as a Golden Ticket prize for 1 random buyer. Date & time release details are coming soon, so stay tuned.

Dunny Release At Urban Vinyl Daily




Urban Vinyl Daily & I have something fun happening! Tomorrow, April 7, we publish an interview where I share some thoughts and feelings on painting & art toys. Alongside which, 2 custom Dunnys are releasing on their eStore here at 12pm EST. Each Dunny, named “Oops” (blue) and “Oww”(grey), are $80ea sold separately.

Oops & Oww are a complimentary brother-sister pair with a narrative relationship- Oops had something to do with Oww’s bad day, and I can’t tell if it’s embarrassed guilt or cheeky remorseless-ness… or a little bit of both, she’s feeling. But she’s doing a cute job of it! I have a love for both cute & horror-related things, as this pair of dunny exemplify.

Oops & Oww drop here at 12PM EST April 7! Thanks for your support :)

Oops_LogosSide1 Oww_LogosSide1

SubUrban Vinyl Gallery 1s And 2s Exhibition

SubUrbanVinyl 1sand2sSeatShow


When asked the question “What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever painted on?” I now get to say a Toilet Seat. Yup! Sub-Urban Vinyl Gallery’s 1s and 2s Exhibition of custom painted toilet seats opens March 28 at Sub-Urban Vinyl Gallery.

Participating artists include:

Carson Catlin, Tasha Zimich, Soko Cat, JFury, Con Art Studio, Small
Angry Monster, Nemo, The Jelly
Empire, and more.

I didn’t just paint a seat for shits & giggles though (hah), the exhibition’s curatorial premise hinges on there being few places we return to, and spend more routine time in, than our washroom. So why isn’t there more cool artwork in there?

For obvious reasons, I have addressed the answer to that question by clearcoating the top of my hand painted toilet seat with water-resistant finish, making routine cleaning with a water-dampened cloth easy. This enameled wooden seat comes with original hardware and fits standard round bowl sizes, making it perfectly functional and easy to clean.

See Dragon

For inquiries about the show or painted pieces, email or visit their website.

Art Without Borders Exhibition March22


Art Without Borders returns to Art Whino for its second year fundraising for Doctors Without Borders. Opening reception will be held March 22 at BLIND WHINO.

Saturday, March 22nd, from 8-11pm
DJ Inkognito on the the turntables in the Upstairs performance area
DJ Dee Dub on the the turntables in the lounge area
RSVP Only event.

734 1st St SW Washington, DC 22024

I have contributed a 7″ Kidrobot Foomi “Olive”, painted with Acrylics. Olive will be available through Art Whino for $250. Doctors Without Borders is an NPO I feel strongly about; they provide health care to individuals who need it, regardless of ethnicity, religion, or political affiliation. Be sure to follow along with Art Whino.

Olive Logos_side2

Olive Logos_back

Dragatomi Art Of Love Wrapup



Thank you to everyone who attended Dragatomi’s Art Of Love Exhibition! Works flew fast at $150 (and Under) pricepoints, and it looks like Love was in the air.

Both custom androids I sent for the show were inspired by Bleeding Heart Flower bushes – the bushes of which I have fond memories of in the backyard of my childhood home. Valenentines Day always makes me think of them; they must have bloomed around that time of year. Both androids “Bleeding Heart” and “Weeping Heart” are in happy new homes, thank you for your support!




Lil Jammies Artist Series


Fuller Designs original resin figure Lil Jammies has landed in the hands of a group of skillful international artists and customizers. I’m contributing a piece to the January 31st drop, titled “Fissure”.


The platform itself is very figurative, so I took it in a different and more abstracted direction, mapping the creases and “fissures” in the resin with colour. Pieces become available January 31st 12PM PST here.

Vive la Lolligag Toy Art Gallery Exhibition

Vive La Lolligag Poster1

Toy Art Gallery and Lolligag World are hosting a show, Vive La Lolligag! Lolligag is a 6″ vinyl toy platform with accompanying accessories; Lollipop, Fan and Moot the Bunny.  More than 30 different artists from across the USA and Internationally will exhibit custom Lolligag toys, the show opens Jan 11.

I’ve contributed a hand-painted Lolligag piece, “Strawberry Swirl” to the exhibition. You can RSVP to the exhibition on Facebook here or email for purchase inquiries.

Strawberry Swirl

Clutter Gallery Giftwrapped


Clutter Gallery is hosting a Holiday Exhibition! “Giftwrapped” opens Saturday Dec 14, featuring artwork from 50 different artists, priced below 300$.

I’ve painted a 5″ Disney Mindstyle Stitch for Giftwrapped, “Green Tea” will be go up for preview here.


As well as 3″ Dunny “Boils”. The Exhibition opens at Clutter Gallery NY on Dec 14th, and then online here.


We Love Vinyl 3


Tomodachi US are hosting We Love Vinyl 3 – returning for its 3rd year, We Love Vinyl exhibits in Tomodachi USA’s Rosedale Center storefront. WLV will exhibit works from 20+ Artists Worldwide. Opening reception is December 6th, with drinks and refreshments, and a live DJ spinning.

I have a piece showing in We Love Vinyl 3, “Mascara Run” the 6″ custom Fonzo. If you’re in the Rosedale MI area, stop in for the opening night party and check out the displays.


WLV_Mascara Run Install1

Stan Lee’s Artists Assemble

StanLee Artists AssembleBanner1

Pow Entertainment and Stan Lee’s Artists Assemble Exhibition at Toy Art Gallery was a success! It was a lot of fun to get to see TAG so packed, and say Hi to friends and toy peeps. And of course, always nice to see Stan The Man!

My 7″ Yo “The Dark Net” exhibited alongside custom Yo’s from a wide selection of artists. Some pieces contributed by guest artists helped fundraise for The Alliance For Young Artists And Writers via charity auction. Thanks to Gino and the TAG team for a fun evening, and, friends Diane & Ian who made it possible for me to get to the opening!

StanLee Artists Assemble Opening1

The Dark Net_1

Thanks For a Great DesignerCon



DesignerCon was really a lot of fun, and since I’m staying in and around LA and San Diego for a week after the show it feels like it’s still going on. I’ll be in town for the Stan Lee’s Yo opening November 15th at Toy Art Gallery where I’ve contributed a piece.

This year at DCon I shared a booth with April Elliott and ForcesOfDorkness where I had art prints, painted toys, collaboratively painted & sculpted toys with April Elliot and Deth Becomes You, cards & stickers available and did signing and live-painting.







As well as hanging out and listing toys and prints at Dragatomi and Spankystokes Booths.

20131109_090931 20131109_105656


It’s always fun getting to stop for a chat with friends and artists on the show floor, and check out the cool things going on at the booths. Trampt’s Hustle & Hype show looked to be a big success, and they were kind to invite me to draw on their collab artist paper poster and tag the Mega Munny.



I’m looking towards plans for next years’ DesignerCon already, and think it can only get better and better. Thank you to everyone who came by to say Hi, grab a hug and stopped to chat, asked for a signing or sketch, and took some of my work home with them. I’ll see you next year!

Designer Con Booth 814



I’m headed back to Designer Con November 9-10, and bringing new toys, prints, and collab artwork! Swing by booth 814 I’m sharing with April Elliott and Forces of Dorkness and say Hello.

I’ll have new toys like this Hellboy vinyl figure, provided by Dark Horse Comics for a painting test-drive for promotion. And some new collaborative artwork;



8″ Dunny painted collaboratively with the lovely MaloApril April Elliott. Our painting came together beautifully cohesively, I’m looking forward to our next project.

And I was fortunate to get to participate in an 8-Piece Sculpt’N’Swap with malevolent monster-maker Deth Becomes You. It was a terrible honour to work painting his sculpts, and contribute some of our own nasty little ghoulies.




I will also have a selection of pieces in Spankystokes Booth 201, ranging from mini size to a larger 6″ Fonzo. They’ll be in Spanky’s case, but come find me at booth 814 or around the show floor to take one of these guys home.



If you’re attending DCon, swing by my booth and say Hi, or find me bopping around the show floor in my purple fedora. Thanks for your support!

DCon Collab April Elliot x TZ Booth 814



The talented and skillful April Elliott and I have teamed up on an 8″ Dunny for our shared Designer Con Booth 814! April’s clean linework and beautiful Dia De Los Muertos sugarskull imagery felt like a very natural with with my cute and creepy aesthetic.

I got the ball rolling and sent April the Dunny like this;



Contributing the ears, an eye, lower mouth, the base for a top and arms, with some detailing on the back and left sides. And April balanced the right side and mouth, adding hair, clothing, designs and sculpted components along the way.



Both April and myself will be at Booth 814 at Designer Con November 9-10, with new artwork, custom toys and I’ll have art prints as well. Our collab Dunny will be available for sale for 250$. See you at DCon!

Fonzo Loves California Exhibition Dragatomi Gallery



Fonzo Loves California is coming to Dragatomi Gallery, Nov 16. There’s no part of that equation I don’t love too; this will be my first formal exhibition piece with Dragatomi Gallery and Freakstore, and I’m pumped up!

There are 42 artists participating, it may be the largest Fonzo exhibition yet. Artists include;

ScribeScott Tolleson, MapMap, Camilla D’erricoDouble ParlourChauskoskis,DriloneJeremiah Ketner64colorsSergio ManciniArtmymindGary HamRsin,Stuart WitterCharles RodriguezGabriel CarpioTask OneOtto Bjornik,Grimsheep, Shojonotomo, Eimi, Chikuwaemil, Tasha ZimichArdabus Rubber, TheBeast BrothersJay 222Jon Paul Kaiser, Umetoys, Mark NagataJason Limon, Sonnito, Muxxi, Burundanga Design, Spencer Hilbert, Mab Graves, Mike Fudge,Calvin MaNakanariPJ ConstablePatrick WongGerard MDS and Silvia Cipolla.

I’ve painted up my Fonzo for the exhibition, titled “Cadaver Junkie”. He’s oozing a vital energy that felt best described in rainbow colours. I’ve enjoyed painting an interaction between spilling-out and seeping-in.


Great New York Comic Con!


This year’s New York Comic Con and the Designer Toy Awards were a blast! Thank you to the fine folks, Benny & Steph and Rob & Rob at Tenacious Toys and SubUrban Vinyl who offered me a landing pad during the show. I got to meet and say hi to lots of excellent artists and fans during the weekend.

It was a serious and professional affair vending with Tenacious Toys


And hanging with artists and friends. Mike Die is a little camera shy, but we got your number Mike;


I took down a hand painted variant of Camilla d’Errico’s No Ordinary Love Statue to display and list with SubUrban Vinyl Gallery. Camilla’s statue didn’t win the award over Coarse Toys for Outstanding Production, but support for Camilla was strong.



After nice chats with folks at Holbein Paints and Dark Horse Comics, I’m set with some new supplies and a fun project underway that I am looking to complete for Designer Con.

I will attend Designer Con and share booth #814 with April Elliott and Scott Kinnebrew November 9-10. Hope to see you there!

1/1 Painted No Ordinary Love Bust




I’ve been in love with the art of Camilla d’Errico for a number of years, and as her artwork grows and develops so does my appreciation for it, and the ways I want to share my appreciation and admiration. In 2012 Camilla released her first Fine Art Statue – a bust inspired by her painting, No Ordinary Love, made with Dark Horse Comics and Gentle Giant Studios. I think the statue is beautiful, and Camilla’s colour palette is thoughtful and evocative.

I don’t think it’s possible to choose more fitting colours or composition for the piece, but Camilla’s nomination in Clutter’s Designer Toy Awards under Outstanding Production moved me to want to share an individual take on the piece as a platform. I hand-painted a NOL Statue in (mostly) inverted colours.

This 1/1 piece, I’ve been calling “Cuddle Fish”, is approximately 7″ and will be listed and on display at New York Comic Con in The Bock at SubUrban Vinyl’s booth#208. I will attend NYCC and the Designer Toy Awards, and spend some time around the show and at Tenacious Toys and SubUrban Vinyl booth208 in The Block for folks that would like to stop by and say Hi.





Camilla's original painting image an colourway.

Camilla’s original painting image an colourway.

Sinister Sisters Android Series with VinylRiot

SinisterSistersGroup2Logos are super – they keep me fully stocked with DIY Fonzos, and the flow of android blanks feels endless. So it followed naturally that a special release through VinylRiot would be a fun thing to do.

Inspired by a painting of mine from this year, Cordelia’s Bad Hair Day, come Cordelia’s sinister little sisters. This series of 5 “Sinister Sisters” custom androids are releasing blindbox style on VinylRiot’s exclusives page October 9th at 3PM EST. One Sinister Sisters order will receive a signed 11×14″ art print of the painting, Cordelia’s Bad Hair Day, as a bonus gift.

Keep an eye on VinylRiot for the drop Oct 9th 3PM EST, and your 1/5 chance to snag an art print gift with your order. For more news on VinylRiot sales and exclusives, follow their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @vinylriottoys




Lift Gallery Bits & Pieces Show

bitsandpiecesposter revised

Lift Gallery are opening Bits and Pieces – a mixed media group exhibition in their shop and gallery space featuring artists both local and international. Bits and Pieces opens Sept 28 with an opening reception 7-10pm.

The exhibition will feature both 2D and 3D artworks and custom toys from artists JC Rivera, JFury, TaskOne, Bryan Collins, Patrick Wong, Ian Ziobrowski, and more.
I’ve contributed a 3″ Dunny and ink drawing set, “Knot Thinking”, that will be available through Lift Gallery.

Knot thinking_sm1

New For Vinyl Thoughts 4



I’m contributing a 5″ custom MadL to Vinyl Thoughts 4, which opens Sept 12th. Vinyl Thoughts will be showing work and merchandise from more than 50 artists in a one-night event, and then online and at a booth a Designer Con (Where I’ll also be at a booth!).

vt4 poster1




My piece “Milkteeth” is painted in acrylics and will be available at VinylThoughts4 for 175$. I haven’t painted in reds as much, but for this piece I was inspired by oxidized landscapes and cavernous spaces. “Milkteeth” is a figure and a place- an idea I’m interested to keep exploring in the future.

SDCC Wrapup- Thank You!

Camilla d'Errico Booth SDCC2013

Camilla d’Errico Booth SDCC2013

Comic Con is a really incredible show, and I count myself very fortunate to get to attend and exhibit there with friends and colleagues. This year was my 2nd year at Comic Con, primarily assisting Camilla d’Errico with her big beautiful booth. It’s serious business, as you can tell from above- we were in a conference with Mr. Ian Somerhalder about Camilla’s July charity print initiative.

I was also fortunate to be hosted and showing at booths and exhibitions during SDCC for my own work. Thank you to Beefy & Co for including me in their The Ghost Within Us group showing on the convention show floor. I brought down this 6″ Custom Ghost Tribe Warrior “Gobo”. Gobo is available here.


It was a real treat to be showing and listing pieces with Dragatomi booth in their big beautiful display cases, full of artists I admire. My 6″ Fonzo “Jerkytreats” is in a new home now. Thank you also to Ardabus Rubber for very kindly making room for me to hop in on his Saturday signing at Dragatomi for a little double-team sketch action.




I made it in to Left Hand Black Gallery to take in the Creature Feature show and visit owners Crystal and Turk. It was a treat to see all the disturbingly delightful little oddities, curios, and artworks on display. My 9×12″ Acrylic & Oil painting, “Cordelia’s Bad Hair Day”, is currently available through




I can’t wait for SDCC and all the fun projects and showings surrounding it next year!

Toy Burst Exhibition July 18

Toy_Burst Flyer_More_Than_Sunshine1

Toy_Burst Flyer_More_Than_Sunshine_2

More Than Sunshine has put together a lineup for a show at Redefine Gallery that shines! The exhibition will open July 18th and features both local and international artists.

I’ve put together a 4″ Kidrobot Munny, “Skellby”, who will be available through Redefine Gallery for 125$. Find Redefine Gallery here or inquire

Contributing To Dragatomi SDCC!


I’m thrilled to share that I will have pieces contributed to Dragatomi’s blindbox series for San Diego Comic Con. This year’s series is themed Dunny Vs Android, where 26 artists contirbuted custom Dunnys and Androids.

These Blindboxes will be about 85$ea, and available at Dragatomi SDCC booth#5350 , check them out on Dragatomi’s SDCC floorplan map below.



At Dragatomi, among the plethora of beautifully crafted customs and limited exclusives, will be a 6″ Fonzo I painted for the occassion. “Jerkytreats” is painted with acrylics & oils, and will be available from Dragatomi Booth# 5350 !


Vinyl Attack The Invason Pieces Revealed

Vinyl Attack's The Invasion

Vinyl Attack’s The Invasion

Vinyl Attack has unleashed an Invasion! And it’s up to the custom Resistence 3″ Dunnys from more than 18 skillful toy artists to stop the Invader Dunnys.

I’ve contributed 2 pieces to the series, available Blindbox style here. Take a look!

Creature Feature Show at Left Hand Black Gallery


Left Hand Black Gallery is putting on a monstery show- Creature Feature, opening July 13. Creature Feature- sounds right up my alley! The pieces for the show, both 2D and sculptural, will be creature themed.
I’ll be contributing a 9×12″ acrylic painting to LHB. We’ll look forward to contributions from artists;

Adam Hathorn, Brett Herman, Chris Velasquez, Chris Yvon, Cooper, Double Parlor, Fourspeed Metalwerks, GOREilla, Jessie Lincoln, Jacob Henry, Jason McCann, Johhny Crap, Joel Gomez, Katherine Brannock, Kevin Pasko, Kyle Walker, Long Le, Mike Bukowski, Neko, Nico & Absurd Toys, Pinkerton & His Forgotten Friends, Sabrina Brewer, Steve Belmarsh, Steve Fererra, Tasha Zimich, Tim Evatt, Turk, Zach Landrum

I’ve been making progress on a piece for the show that I’m excited to share. Here’s a peek at the WIP.


Night Terror Dunny Series 2 Release


Matt Anderson and Task One are releasing a new artist series on the brand new We Are Not Toys website – Night Terror Dunny Series 2. I’ve contributed a piece to the series that will go live here at midnight 08/06/2013.

Contributing to the series also are Fuller, MaloApril, Rsin, Richard Page of Ume Toys, Mike “Nemo” Mendez, JFury and Task One. Each piece is dynamic and a unique interpretation of the platform, for sure! Grab one here.